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Groundfix is a joint venture between Fred Champion Groundworks and Steve Hoskin Construction who joined forces to undertake large projects in the South West.

A consequence of this affiliation is the continued working together where the two companies complement and support each other, further complimented by the dedicated and successful Groundfix Management team. We have a combined labour force of over 700 employees. Groundfix are currently the infrastructure contractor for the Sherford Site in Plymouth which includes the construction of 5,500 new homes, over 80,000m2 employment and retail space, a sports centre, 3 x primary Schools, 1 x secondary school, 500 acre community parkland and extensive earthworks. Working alongside Brookbanks Limited who are the lead Consultant and Project Managers for the Sherford Consortium.

What We Do

Covid 19 

Here at Groundfix we are committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees. We understand that we are currently navigating difficult times and would like to remind our employees that we need to Wash Hands, Cover Face, Make Space. 

Below is a link to Gov.uk. COVID-19 links to help you stay healthy and positive during what can be challenging times.www.gov.uk/coronavirus


  • Bulk excavation and land remediation
  • Reinforced Earth Bunds
  • Site clearance
  • Road construction to adoptable standards
  • Sewers to adoptable standards and domestic drainage
  • Pond Lining and attenuation tank construction
  • Tarmac surfacing
  • 278 Works
  • Block paving
  • Sheet Piling
  • Sub-structure block and brickwork
  • Block and beam flooring (including sub-contract design)
  • In situ concrete construction
  • R/C works including steel fixing and form work shuttering
  • Various foundation types including piling, ground beams, rafts and Insulslab.

The Groundfix Partners